we were strangers

about year 2 (2011)

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in late 2010 it became clear to me that wewerestrangers was not ready to come to an end.

and still tonight, as i write this on the 19th evening of the year, i miss the hunt. i miss the chance encounters. i miss the challenge. i miss the odd looks. i miss the responses to ‘can i ask you a strange question?’.

strangers are ingrained in my psyche. i spent a year searching, and from where i stand right now, i never want to stop.

in 2011, i will focus on deepening connections.
in 2011, i will keep it (mostly) organic.
in 2011, i will also show them what i see.
in 2011, i will ask them what they want to see.
in 2011, i will find them what they want to see.
in 2011, we will make our own rules.

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  1. I’m very glad to see you didn’t quit 🙂


    5 Sep 11 at 3:33 pm

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