we were strangers

about year 3 (2012)

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in 2011, i tried to keep wewerestrangers going. i decided to only ask strangers whom i met naturally. i was left feeling that asking them to take part in the project sort of debased our organic encounter.

with that, in 2012, i’m going back to having a daily excuse. some meetings will be more meaningful than others, but hey, so it goes, right?

in 2012, i’ll try again.
in 2012, i’ll talk with hundreds of strangers.
in 2012, i’ll practice my craft.
in 2012, i’ll continue to try to figure out why i so badly need to see.
in 2012, i’ll continue to try to figure out why i so badly need strangers.
in 2012, i’ll leave myself the liberty to change the project midway if i figure something out.

on the left, you’ll see a self-portait a stranger took, on the right, you’ll see the portrait i took in response.

on holidays, i may ask loved ones to step in in lieu of a stranger.

many of my strangers will also be shared with jaclyn turner who has her own portrait project over at aportraiteveryday.com. all on her iphone. it’s awesome. you should check it out.

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